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Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Have a question relating to the site? Don't know how to add information? Or simply trying to figure out how to use the list feature? Look for an answer here!

Here is a listing of categories to choose from. You can also scroll down to see all the possible questions.

Downloading and Reading Manga
General Questions
Member and User Related
Adding/Updating Content and Information
Content Policies
Using Site Features
Using the Forums

Downloading and Reading Manga

How do I download manga here?
How do I read manga here?
I can't find a manga series... You have all these "releases"... Yet you don't provide anything at all!
What is IRC? And how do I use it?
How do I find this particular group's "channel" (for IRC)?
What do I do with these torrent files?
What is BitTorrent? How do I use it?
How come there are no download links for <name of series>?

General Questions

I'm new to manga... What exactly is manga? Scanlations? A Oneshot? An Omake? How about Doujinshi? Manhwa? Manhua? OEL? Tankoubon? Bunkouban?
How do I join a scanlation group?
Why doesn't <scanlator group name> have any info?
What is <name of genre>? What is the difference between that and <name of 2nd genre>?
What if I can't find the answer to my problem here?

Member and User Related

I had trouble registering for this site.
I've lost my username or password! Can you send it to me?
Why was my account upgrade request denied?
How can I help this site?
How do I change my username?

Adding/Updating Content and Information

How do I add a release, a group, an author...etc?
How can I help out?
I noticed that information for a release, group, series, author, publisher, etc is wrong. How do I fix that?
How do I get more editing privileges?
How do I add a scanlation group?
How do I update the information of my scanlation group?
How come there is no group info for <name of scanlation group>?
I have some manga-related news that I wish to share. How can I?
What kind of news is appropriate for the site?
How come my release wasn't approved?
How come my series submission was not approved?
What kinds of Category Tags should I add to a series page?
How come my release is dated incorrectly?
What if I want to update a field but it's locked?

Content Policies

Why does this website have a content policy?
What type of images can I submit for series?
Can I add information for unscanlated oneshots, doujinshi, novels, and other alternate media?
Can I add series that aren't printed yet?
"Status in Country of Origin" Series Field
"Year" Series Field
I found some incorrect info and corrected it, but someone just keeps changing it back to the wrong thing!
Download Links
Claiming Projects
Author Names
What about oneshot collections or anthologies?

Using Site Features

What is the manga list feature?
How do I filter or highlight certain genres on the main Release page or the What's New! page?
I have a request/suggestion for a feature...
My lists don't seem to be working.

Using the Forums

Why was my post/comment deleted/edited?
What are the forum rules?
How do I use colors in a forum post?
How do I add an image to my forum signature?
In a forum post, how do I quickly link to a series, mangaka, or scanlation group?
I noticed that someone on the forums is being a complete *****. What do I do?
I found a post/comment containing spoilers or offensive language. What should I do?
On other forums, I've seen people have custom user titles. Can I get one here too?
How do I update/make a user profile?
What does subscribing to a forum thread do?
Can I upload pictures to the forum?
How do I post a URL?

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