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Here you can see how Baka-Updates - Manga defines each genre. You can also see other statistics such as how many people filter or highlight each specific genre.

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A work typically depicting fighting, violence, chaos, and fast paced motion.
Filtered by 1485 person(s)
Highlighted by 1464 person(s)

Search Authors for Action (3041 total)
Search Series for Action (10363 total)
Contains content that is suitable only for adults. Titles in this category may include prolonged scenes of intense violence and/or graphic sexual content and nudity.
Filtered by 2614 person(s)
Highlighted by 2777 person(s)

Search Authors for Adult (5309 total)
Search Series for Adult (28462 total)
If a character in the story goes on a trip or along that line, your best bet is that it is an adventure manga. Otherwise, it's up to your personal prejudice on this case.
Filtered by 1295 person(s)
Highlighted by 1084 person(s)

Search Authors for Adventure (1740 total)
Search Series for Adventure (5479 total)
A dramatic work that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone and that usually contains a happy resolution of the thematic conflict.
Filtered by 1543 person(s)
Highlighted by 1698 person(s)

Search Authors for Comedy (6689 total)
Search Series for Comedy (25084 total)
Fan based work inspired by official anime or manga. For, original works DO NOT fall under this category
Filtered by 3870 person(s)
Highlighted by 1447 person(s)

Search Authors for Doujinshi (7086 total)
Search Series for Doujinshi (23708 total)
A work meant to bring on an emotional response, such as instilling sadness or tension.
Filtered by 1204 person(s)
Highlighted by 772 person(s)

Search Authors for Drama (3886 total)
Search Series for Drama (19063 total)
Possibly the line between hentai and non-hentai, ecchi usually refers to fanservice put in to attract a certain group of fans.
Filtered by 2752 person(s)
Highlighted by 2537 person(s)

Search Authors for Ecchi (852 total)
Search Series for Ecchi (3991 total)
Anything that involves, but not limited to, magic, dream world, and fairy tales.
Filtered by 1338 person(s)
Highlighted by 1228 person(s)

Search Authors for Fantasy (3441 total)
Search Series for Fantasy (11028 total)
Gender Bender
Girls dressing up as guys, guys dressing up as girls.. Guys turning into girls, girls turning into guys.. I think you get the picture.
Filtered by 2166 person(s)
Highlighted by 1529 person(s)

Search Authors for Gender Bender (445 total)
Search Series for Gender Bender (2726 total)
A series involving one male character and many female characters (usually attracted to the male character). A Reverse Harem is when the genders are reversed.
Filtered by 1634 person(s)
Highlighted by 1215 person(s)

Search Authors for Harem (653 total)
Search Series for Harem (2956 total)
Adult sexual content in an illustrated form where the FOCUS of the manga is placed on sexually graphic acts.
Filtered by 6001 person(s)
Highlighted by 4253 person(s)

Search Authors for Hentai (4276 total)
Search Series for Hentai (24158 total)
Having to do with old or ancient times.
Filtered by 1193 person(s)
Highlighted by 643 person(s)

Search Authors for Historical (1050 total)
Search Series for Historical (4615 total)
A painful emotion of fear, dread, and abhorrence; a shuddering with terror and detestation; the feeling inspired by something frightful and shocking.
Filtered by 2099 person(s)
Highlighted by 932 person(s)

Search Authors for Horror (709 total)
Search Series for Horror (2887 total)
Literally "Woman". Targets women 18-30. Female equivalent to seinen. Unlike shoujo the romance is more realistic and less idealized. The storytelling is more explicit and mature.
Filtered by 2474 person(s)
Highlighted by 1673 person(s)

Search Authors for Josei (2422 total)
Search Series for Josei (12782 total)
Representing a sexual attraction to young or under-age girls.
Filtered by 4982 person(s)
Highlighted by 1617 person(s)

Search Authors for Lolicon (379 total)
Search Series for Lolicon (2749 total)
Martial Arts
As the name suggests, anything martial arts related. Any of several arts of combat or self-defense, such as aikido, karate, judo, or tae kwon do, kendo, fencing, and so on and so forth.
Filtered by 1359 person(s)
Highlighted by 874 person(s)

Search Authors for Martial Arts (374 total)
Search Series for Martial Arts (1391 total)
Contains subject matter which may be too extreme for people under the age of 17. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.
Filtered by 1583 person(s)
Highlighted by 1568 person(s)

Search Authors for Mature (616 total)
Search Series for Mature (3934 total)
A work involving and usually concentrating on all types of large robotic machines.
Filtered by 2076 person(s)
Highlighted by 603 person(s)

Search Authors for Mecha (249 total)
Search Series for Mecha (891 total)
Usually an unexplained event occurs, and the main protagonist attempts to find out what caused it.
Filtered by 1051 person(s)
Highlighted by 673 person(s)

Search Authors for Mystery (858 total)
Search Series for Mystery (3773 total)
Usually deals with the philosophy of a state of mind, in most cases detailing abnormal psychology.
Filtered by 1211 person(s)
Highlighted by 830 person(s)

Search Authors for Psychological (592 total)
Search Series for Psychological (2807 total)
A story where the primary focus is a romantic relationship between the main protagonist and another character
Filtered by 1781 person(s)
Highlighted by 2556 person(s)

Search Authors for Romance (6671 total)
Search Series for Romance (32772 total)
School Life
Having a major setting of the story deal with some type of school.
Filtered by 1341 person(s)
Highlighted by 1012 person(s)

Search Authors for School Life (2367 total)
Search Series for School Life (14192 total)
Short for science fiction, these works involve twists on technology and other science related phenomena which are contrary or stretches of the modern day scientific world.
Filtered by 1223 person(s)
Highlighted by 740 person(s)

Search Authors for Sci-fi (1046 total)
Search Series for Sci-fi (4289 total)
From Google:
Seinen means "young Man." Manga and anime that specifically targets young adult males around the ages of 18 to 25 are seinen titles. The stories in seinen works appeal to university students and those in the working world. Typically the story lines deal with the issues of adulthood.
Filtered by 1381 person(s)
Highlighted by 1594 person(s)

Search Authors for Seinen (5071 total)
Search Series for Seinen (17353 total)
Representing a sexual attraction to young or under-age boys.
Filtered by 4891 person(s)
Highlighted by 1299 person(s)

Search Authors for Shotacon (309 total)
Search Series for Shotacon (1983 total)
A work intended and primarily written for females. Usually involves a lot of romance and strong character development.
Filtered by 3103 person(s)
Highlighted by 2690 person(s)

Search Authors for Shoujo (3647 total)
Search Series for Shoujo (19379 total)
Shoujo Ai
Often synonymous with yuri, this can be thought of as somewhat less extreme. "Girl's Love", so to speak.
Filtered by 4992 person(s)
Highlighted by 1730 person(s)

Search Authors for Shoujo Ai (553 total)
Search Series for Shoujo Ai (2163 total)
A work intended and primarily written for males. These works usually involve fighting and/or violence.
Filtered by 1533 person(s)
Highlighted by 1601 person(s)

Search Authors for Shounen (4146 total)
Search Series for Shounen (12123 total)
Shounen Ai
Often synonymous with yaoi, this can be thought of as somewhat less extreme. "Boy's Love", so to speak.
Filtered by 7201 person(s)
Highlighted by 3173 person(s)

Search Authors for Shounen Ai (2176 total)
Search Series for Shounen Ai (7299 total)
Slice of Life
As the name suggests, this genre represents day-to-day tribulations of one/many character(s). These challenges/events could technically happen in real life and are often -if not all the time- set in the present timeline in a world that mirrors our own.
Filtered by 1056 person(s)
Highlighted by 850 person(s)

Search Authors for Slice of Life (2553 total)
Search Series for Slice of Life (11395 total)
Deals with series that are considered profane or offensive, particularly with regards to sexual content
Filtered by 2669 person(s)
Highlighted by 1889 person(s)

Search Authors for Smut (796 total)
Search Series for Smut (5890 total)
As the name suggests, anything sports related. Baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, and racing just to name a few.
Filtered by 1661 person(s)
Highlighted by 695 person(s)

Search Authors for Sports (600 total)
Search Series for Sports (2909 total)
Usually entails amazing and unexplained powers or events which defy the laws of physics.
Filtered by 1139 person(s)
Highlighted by 886 person(s)

Search Authors for Supernatural (2088 total)
Search Series for Supernatural (9184 total)
Contains events resulting in great loss and misfortune.
Filtered by 1603 person(s)
Highlighted by 717 person(s)

Search Authors for Tragedy (385 total)
Search Series for Tragedy (2134 total)
This work usually involves intimate relationships between men.
Filtered by 11049 person(s)
Highlighted by 4842 person(s)

Search Authors for Yaoi (4925 total)
Search Series for Yaoi (21539 total)
This work usually involves intimate relationships between women.
Filtered by 6068 person(s)
Highlighted by 2513 person(s)

Search Authors for Yuri (520 total)
Search Series for Yuri (2384 total)

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