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New Poll - Hobbies
F_J, again, suggested this poll. Has manga ever inspired you to take up new hobbies? Maybe Hikaru no Go taught you Go? Or Saki mahjong? Or Haikyu!! volleyball? Or Nodame Cantabile classical music and/or conducting? Comment below with your story!

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you regularly listen to anime songs?
Not at all - votes: 506 (16%)
Maybe every once in a while - votes: 1488 (47.2%)
Yes, all the time! - votes: 1161 (36.8%)
There were 3155 total votes.
The poll ended: December 28th 2019

I was at a party and someone had to do a punishment over a bet. She had to dance to one of the Naruto songs.
Posted by lambchopsil on 
December 28th 8:16am
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» residentgrigo on December 28th, 2019, 1:25am

Never due to this being about manga alone


» calstine on December 28th, 2019, 8:38am

Never. Dunno why, it just never has. My favourite genres are the ones that are least applicable to RL, like thriller, supernatural/fantasy or action, though, so maybe that's why. (Though it's not like I don't read and enjoy manga in almost all genres, because I do. The slice-of-life/sports ones rarely strike me as deeply, though.)


» zarlan on December 28th, 2019, 12:12pm

Never ...but it can make me slightly more curious and interested, and make me look up about it a bit. Never anywhere near being to the level of making me actually start doing something new, though.

Hikaru no Go did help motivate me to play go (which I had started playing, before hearing about the series), and getting me to start looking for a different (proper!) go server (as playing on Yahoo games was intolerable), and Yuru Camp reminded me of how I'd like to go camping some time (dunno where or with whom) ...but that's just strengthening/reminding of pre-existing interests and desires.

Edit: Well, I did start playing some mahjong after Saki, I suppose ...but it's not like I had never played it before, and it's not like I play it seriously or regularly, at all. I just, occasionally, play against my smartphone ...and don't mind playing if there's an opportunity. I'd like to get a proper, Japanese, set ...but I'm no mahjong player.
I don't quite think that should count.


» Transdude1996 on December 28th, 2019, 5:32pm

[All these "never" response]

You guys need to see about picking up some of those series that fixate on cooking.


» doki-doki-kimochi on December 28th, 2019, 7:02pm

Yep! I got into watching American football from Eyeshield 21, which helped me also get closer to my dad lol. He (and I now) are huge Eagles fans. 😛


» kaloo on December 30th, 2019, 10:58pm

I'm ashamed to admit this but it was one of the first things that actually explained the rules to me. I was apparently just supposed to understand how downs worked.


» HikaruYami on December 29th, 2019, 7:39am

I very often pick up manga outside of my existing "interest zone", so yeah, this has happened many times.

Sometimes the real thing is too annoying for me to tolerate, other times (many sports, many cooking manga) I at least develop a passing interesting and cultivate passable subject-matter knowledge of the subject thanks to the manga.

I would say that I don't generally participate in these hobbies more than a couple times ever, though. My life is dedicated to manga and video games. I did bake a few loaves of bread thanks to Yakitate!! Japan, but more often the result is that I e.g. watch cooking competitions, or don't change the channel away from e.g. Tennis is I see it on somewhere.


» dalek on December 29th, 2019, 9:24am

Always! I don't know how many times I thought "I want to learn Go!" or "Kendo/archery/etc is something I would learn" because of club related content in mangas.


» dreamer00013 on December 29th, 2019, 1:44pm

Never, but I did learn about wine tasting and how to make flower bouquets, which was actually useful.
But otherwise, I had my hobbies before they appeared in manga, like cooking. And I prefer to read about sports and board games more than doing them xD


» F_J on December 29th, 2019, 3:00pm

I try them out for a while. So i just that counts as many times?

But after trying it out i realize I am not skilled enough LOL so i drop the hobby and move on. Mostly just cooking cute bentsos and breads. Or board games.

I don't try any sport ones though. Ain't active enough for that


» rubystar12 on December 31st, 2019, 10:53am

All the time. Some hobbies I still do but others I do not anymore.

Cooking - Kitchen no Ohimesama sparks it and Shokugeki no Soma - still enjoy doing
baking - yumeiro patisserie - still enjoy doing
Biking - Yowamushi Pedal - this ended when I found out I am not a fan of biking lol
Volleyball - Haikyuu
Tennis - Prince of tennis - Joined my high school tennis team
hair cutting - beauty pop - this was more in the moment

There are a few others and some were anime based such as running - run with the wind etc.


» hkanz on December 31st, 2019, 6:05pm

I started playing mahjong after reading some of Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s mangas. Still need to finish Akagi though after it started moving at the pace of mud. Nodame Cantabile didn’t introduce me to classical music but it did introduce me to Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes, which I love listening to now!


» tsukibunny on January 2nd, 2020, 12:21am

Entertainment > Investment
Never, cause I like things better in fiction than reality.

Edit: And I have very little interests.. lol


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