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Sadistic Beauty  
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What happens when two guys and a dashing girl meet? Beats me, but it doesn’t sound romantic. Or does it? Depending on your definition of romantic, Doona’s sadistic ways might be the most romantic thing a guy could want!

The series was cancelled by Lezhin at 51 chapters. It has since resumed serialisation on BomToon.
English translation resumed on Tappytoon
The Side Stories are separated from the main story & upload as their own series on Bomtoon


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Associated Names
Beleza Sádica
Saediseutig Byuti
Прелести садизма
虐美人Sadistic Beauty
새디스틱 뷰티

Groups Scanlating

Latest Release(s)
c.2-3 by Lezhin over 4 years ago
c.0-1 by Lezhin over 4 years ago
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117 Chapters (Complete)
Side Story: 2 Chapters (Ongoing)

Season 1: 30 Chapters (Complete) 1~30
Season 2: 87 Chapters (Complete) 31~117(?)

Bomtoon doesn't count the seasons like lezhin did defore, so the # of season isn't sure

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Average: 7 / 10.0 (88 votes)
Bayesian Average: 6.88 / 10.0

Last Updated
February 8th 2021, 11:00am PST

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User Comments  [ Order by usefulness ]
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Congratulations to create something NEW!!  
by h2ounk
February 5th, 2021, 4:49pm
Rating: N/A
First, it is necessary to understand that history has progression!

She has problems and then solves the problems! This is common in narratives! Characters have people problems that need to be introduced during the story.

Just look at what Noona was like at the beginning and then with her move! She gets an apprenticeship and starts to respect more with those she relates to! Following the rules of BDSM!

The story progresses! So the character has learned her lesson! Noona had problems and so she made mistakes!

READERS, do not evaluate the narrative in an INDIVIDUAL WAY, this is a misinterpretation!!

I love free creativity! Art is for change the reality! See with another eyes! Whatever it is! Congratulations to create something NEW!!

... Last updated on February 5th, 2021, 8:10pm
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it was good at first.  
by moon_men
July 23rd, 2020, 3:54am
Rating: N/A
The art was good, but i don't like plot maybe I'm not into BDSM. I just wanna some romance Haesol and Donna but i don't think that will not happen.
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by Saiph
March 20th, 2020, 2:50pm
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
As a BDSM lover I CAN'T enjoy this piece of trash. This is full of abuse and non-consent practices... No, pls, no; don't waste your time reading this crap. The only good thing is the artwork, I must admit is gorgeous but if the author wanted to create a BDSM comic at least she should have done a good research.

... Last updated on March 20th, 2020, 2:51pm
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One of the best of its kind  
by ShonaNingyo
February 5th, 2020, 8:53pm
Rating: N/A
This comic is far better paced, better drawn, and sexier than most of the other "porn" manwha out there. Don't let the negative reviews dissuade you.
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by megamanvy
August 8th, 2019, 6:39pm
Rating: N/A
FOR FUCK SAKE, the author and fans don't know ANYTHING ABOUT BDSM!
THIS IS PURE ABUSE! You ALWAYS need CONSENT from BOTH PARTIES in order to perform BDSM! This is an insult to BDSM community!
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Love this  
by theLettuceGarden04
July 9th, 2019, 4:17am
Rating: N/A
I'm not even a fan of dom girls or M guys, but the MC is so cool so I kept on reading. Like a reviewer said, this manga is a true rare gem where a dom girl is catered for girls, yay, not just a waifu material type. It's just too bad that it's getting discontinued (shame on you Lezhin).

Edit: Not discontinued, yay. Yes I'm also aware that this not real BDSM, but I hope people that do read this are not stupid and have the common sense to understand that it isn't. This is fiction and let people enjoy things.

... Last updated on February 10th, 2021, 4:58am
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Another trash pornhwa  
by okuta38
March 6th, 2019, 7:23pm
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
This is garbage & disgusting. Why there're pornhwa in this world.
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See you on 2020 everyone  
by mamojama
December 5th, 2018, 7:10pm
Rating: N/A
Lezhin made sure they wont be doing anything for 3 years. Those authors dont derserve this. We can only get lucky if the authors do want to continue their works esp this one since Ive been hooked since Day 1. It would be a shame to end the chapter that way.
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Incomplete but maybe for the better?  
by CCheshire
September 14th, 2018, 2:08pm
Rating: N/A
This is a conflicting webtoon since it features a sadistic female MC who has an extreme personality and LI who are the total opposite. Oddly enough it suffers a lot from the same problems if you reversed gender roles like controlling personalities and terrible scenarios. I liked the intro where we find out that the MC was a former author who decided to return to college later and less about why she can't maintain relationships. I mean, there's a 100 different reasons the writers could have gone with the plot but since it's discontinued we'll never know.
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by iamananimeniac
February 25th, 2017, 7:48pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
This manga. gave. me . happiness.

I would check everyday for the release of a new chapter.

It made me want to wake up and go out and socialize and not sleep in until 11am. It was the one light of my world, and now it is gone. Sadistic Beauty had had a significant influence on my life, and now it's gone.

In better terms, it is discontinued. (Well, it's pretty obvious why... If Lezhin would f*king pay their workers properly, this wouldn't have happened)

So... onto the review.
Art: I think SB was the manga that helped me improve my art style the most. Along with Kuroshitsuji, SB's art style is one of my personal favourites. It would always study it with every chapter and try to embed it into my own art style. Also, SB is a female gaze manhua, so SEXY BOIIS EVERYWHERE!!!!! *sings ITS RAINING MEN* 10/10

Story: Okay, so it can be kinda slow but I do LOVE it being about a D!FMC x s!MMC. Well written woman doms are truly hard to find in manga. Most of them are just "waifu" materials FOR THE F*CKING MEN. 8/10


- Doona, the main character - is dominant, and does not give a f*ck about what others think of her. THAT (if any mangakas are reading my review) is a female lead I can actually relate with.

- Haesol, the MMC - is innocent, sweet and subby. THAT IS HOW I WANT MY MEN TO BE WRITTEN, MANGAKAS!!! He challenges the male gender roles, and that is what I really love and respect about this character. Also, he is mah husbandooooeee.

- Byun, the other male- is arrogant and sexist. Okay. Let's admit it. I hated him at first glance, and was planning on hating him forever, but he is masochistic as f*ck. So I love-hate him now. (BUT HE SHALL NEVER SURPASS MY HUSBANDO, HAESOLLLL)

Those are the 3 mains. For character, I'd give a 10/10.

Views and Values: This manhwa is truly a non-problematic manhwa that I would recommend to anyone. Also, the woman is not a waifu character for the men. Doona is important, developed and #relatable af. Nuff said. 10/10

I don't think I'll ever find a piece like this. SB is a rare gem that belongs in the same tier as Revolutionary Girl Utena. Even if I do find a femdom manga, it will never cater to women. It will always be pantyshots, foot close up, breast close up.... etc. No femdom manga will ever have closeups of men (minus SB, of course). Sadistic Beauty did not deserve to be discontinued.

... Last updated on May 9th, 2018, 4:49am
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