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Volcanic Age  
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Ju Seo Cheon, a man who survives the age of war through sheer luck and becomes the elder of the Hwasan faction, only to live a life full of regrets and doubts. As he lies on his death bed, waiting for the inevitable, he is returned to the past...


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Volcanic Age (Novel) (Adapted From)

Associated Names
Hwasan Jeonsaeng
Mount Hua Reincarnation
Бурный век

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c.160 by Sleeping Knight 8 days ago
c.159 by Sleeping Knight 16 days ago
c.158 by Sleeping Knight 27 days ago
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153 Chapters (Ongoing)

Season 1: Chapters 1~73 (Complete)
Season 2: Chapters 74~131 (Complete)
Season 3: Chapters 132~ (Ongoing)

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Average: 8.3 / 10.0 (158 votes)
Bayesian Average: 8 / 10.0

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February 19th 2021, 2:16am PST



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So good!  
by Charrr
August 22nd, 2020, 9:20am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
The plot and story is just so good. Also the mc has a good personality (and isn’t creepy to women :> ) and all the supporting characters also make it so enjoyable to read this masterpiece! This is one of the best Manhwas I’ve ever read. The art style is also phenomenal and the speed of this comic is just right, it feels like each arc is timed so that it is quick enough that you don’t get bored and slow enough that you completely understand what’s going on.

The mc is also not super overpowered. He’s strong because he works for it and also because he remembers his past life, which makes complete sense (most other comics just have an OP MC without any reasoning). Occasionally, he also fights with people stronger than him (like the elders), which is refreshing since the mc ISN’T like the “IM-THE-BEST-IN -THE-WORLD” type mc.

Overall, this Manhwa is spectacular. Please read it!

... Last updated on August 22nd, 2020, 9:27am
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Power Fantasy done right  
by Samken
October 20th, 2019, 1:02am
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
The story is about Ju Seo Cheon, who became an elder of his sect by sheer coincidence and luck, he lived his previous life in regret due to the consequences of the conflicts of his era had brought to his sect, as he lies on his death bed, waiting for the inevitable to happen he is returned to his past and has the chance to wrong the mistakes that happened in the previous timeline and finally bring an end to the conflict that leads to the deterioration of his sect.

It follows a typical "Strong to OP" storyline since the MC being an elder in his previous timeline has all the inner knowledge of his sect and is fairly knowledgable on the situations that happened in the Murim of his time, he uses this knowledge to strengthen himself as much as he can, and bring strong allies close to him that'll aid him in his endeavour, be it physically, brainily or financially.

Most of the opponents that can match him are usually Elders of other sects, but since he's a "youngster" at the present timeline he mostly cub-stomps his opponents without mercy since they're anything but that.

It's a fun, albeit cliche story, but executed very well with good artwork to boot with very clear lining and very easy to follow. Overall It's a very solid work if you're in the mood for such a premise.

... Last updated on October 20th, 2019, 1:43pm
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by David9513
January 25th, 2019, 4:41pm
Rating: N/A
Awesome manhwa.
MC became a elder through luck. With his authority, he can access to all kind of informations in his sect. While dying he was full of regrets of how powerless when he was young. Upon back to the past, with the information he got while he was an elder he became an top notch expert pretty fast, we can see him standing out among his generation. Bit by bit he is starting to make a name for himself. Knowing that a future disaster is closing to the martial world which involves lot of deaths including those from his own sect. He decides to stand up and gathers a number of trusty allies.

I like how powerful is MC and how funny he is. He actually rarely met a match for him (they are old top expert while he is still a kid or youngster), i like how the novel is mostly without troubles for MC because he is enough strong or smart to deal with them. I like also the interaction of MC with others characters and how there don’t have things like betrayal of people close to MC.
Anyway, i think you can understand that i really like the manhwa. Also to the comment below about the wrong title, i do think they purposely translated it as such. Hwa-san is actually Hua Shan (Flower Mountain) or « Mount Hua », Mount Hua Sect is an popular sect name in the wulin (aka Martial World or Murim in korean), which how often Mount Hua Sect is translated in the manhwa, this is doubtful they mistranslated it. The exact title should actually be « Mount Hua Reincarnation », as indicated in associated name above.
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A good manhwa  
by PZcolo
October 26th, 2018, 2:07am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
This is a good example of a series that doesn't bring anything new to the table, there is hardly an ounce of innovation and doesn't surprise you in any particular way yet still, it's done right, proving that storytelling and worldbuilding are just as important or more so than trying to write something completely original. Likewise, chars are good or not bad at least, there is a bit of comedy and a decent MC (in personality). Of course it only been 70 chapters and after the 100 chapter mark is where most stories start to crumble it might just be that it's just a good start. By the way, it reminds me a lot of "The Scholar's Reincarnation".
To sum up the main pros and cons so far:

-story progresses a bit too fast, sometimes it feels like it skips explaining stuff to favour a fast pace.

-Consistent and coherent for the most part (so far), something rarely seen in this genre. The main char's actions actually make sense.
-No magic power-ups and random super lucky things. Yes, he does get those but from his knowledge and actively looking for them, a completely different proposition.
-Interesting characters, both main and secondary, and MC is neither a goody two shoes nor an amoral piece of sh**.
-Even if the MC is reliving his life he's not an all knowing god who remembers everything he ever reads (aka Tales of Demons and Gods), he needs to go find skill books for example and is liable to forgetting things thus he knows from the start that he being human, his memory and knowledge have a limit, likewise there are lot's of things he can't do so the author instead of making the MC magically learn those things he recruits the helps of those able to do them; it sounds so obvious yet almost no wuxia or xiaxia does that...
-Events change from his past given his intervention and this is taken into consideration by both author and MC for a change.

-Politics are interesting thou feel over simplified.

... Last updated on January 9th, 2019, 5:49am
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Great series but wrongly translated title  
by xplicit666
June 12th, 2018, 7:22am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
Hwa-san in this case isn't a volcano, 'hwa' in this case means flower or bloom its blatantly obvious with all that blossom on its cover pages and sleeves of the members uniform. Its definitely something easily mistaken without given context as with alot of other korean words without proper spacing that can translate into all sorts of stuff.

Literally in korean it would be 'flower mountain past life' each word read as a seperate word is also why it was written downwards like hanja on purpose to be read that way.
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Murim done right!  
by firefox1234
May 17th, 2018, 7:50am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
After you have read one or two of these type of manhwa it feels like you have read them all but Volcanic Age is actually one done right and hats off to the author. In my opinion what the strongest point of this story is the pacing and we?re only 40 some chapters in. Usually most of these stories take ages for the plot to advance cause authors want to spend the first 50 to 60 chapters having the MC cultivate without any true movement in the plot but for chapter 1 of this manhwa you could tell this author had a proper direction and hasn?t deviated from it. The one flaw I would say this has is it doesn?t really have a strong cast of memorable characters outside of the MC but it?s still early so that judgement is probably premature....
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Still early, but I'd rec it  
by ohkimch
April 13th, 2018, 5:16pm
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
Less than forty chapters have been released, which is a pretty small number for fantasy webtoons. That said, my current impression of the story is fantastic.

He is overpowered, but not too much. The manhwaga makes it a point to say he is not in fact a "genius", but instead very well-equipped with decades of experience and knowledge. And even that experience and knowledge was gained in a rather sensible way during his unimpressive first life (at least in comparison to other stories of this genre).

There also haven't been any needlessly repetitive displays of genius, like the kind the more obnoxious reincarnation/time travel stories tend to shove in your face.

Further, while I am curious about his family, his relationship with his master is heart-warming, and it helps to shape both him and his master as empathetic characters.

The female characterization, from what little I've seen so far, has also been pretty great. There haven't been any ridiculous body proportions, or sexist caricaturizations of personality/skill. (Though, obviously, there are signs of Gender Roles, but that's to-be-expected.)

To top it off, the main character is just likable. He's level-headed, caring, determined, and has a decent sense of humor. He's not cruel, perverted, idiotic, arrogant, or particularly prideful, but neither is he lacking in human flaws.

It's still early in the game, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

... Last updated on April 14th, 2018, 5:08am
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One of the best martial arts (murim) manhwa  
by Hailboy
November 17th, 2017, 6:22am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
one of the best murim catagory manhwas I have ever read. I am reading manga/manhwa for almost 15 years but not many attracted me this much. For some reason I find it amazing. This manhwa is fairly new. I don't know how'd the future chapters be like but at least for now I think they are good enough. If you are a lover of murim catagory manhwa like "the breaker" then I am strongly recomending you to give it a try.
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