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1. The Virgin of Ageha 1 (鳳蝶の処女 第1話) Chief Maid 2. The Virgin of Ageha 2 (鳳蝶の処女 第2話) Childhood Friend's Younger Sister 3. The Virgin of Ageha 3 (鳳蝶の処女 第3...
2006 - 6.45 / 10.0
Seong Yeol is a vampire scholar that has been hiding from people for many years, letting them believe that he is an old man with leprosy. The only person he lets enter his place is a smart bookseller, Yang S...
2012 - 7.54 / 10.0
Komagata Seishirou is a novelist who seemingly has it all: good looks, money, fame... But he has one big problem: he's still a virgin, which makes writing erotic scenes for his works a bit tricky!
Pandora's Box led a cursed existence. Through the curiosity of a woman, evil was unleashed and very nearly covered the world in darkness. Miraculously, humanity managed to seal Maou Kestra back into the box,...
1991 - 7.94 / 10.0
This is the sequel to Violinist of Hameln. So read that first. This series takes place in a fantasy world with famous composers' music, magic, friendship and dark secrets. Our main character of this story i...
2008 - 7.43 / 10.0
A regular high school boy has to take care of three vampire kids. And they're hungry.
2011 - 6.70 / 10.0
Lucrezia, a noble vampire, has come to Japan to seek the supreme blood. However, when she encounters a poor shrine maiden named Inori, Lucrezia might have gotten more than she bargained for.
2008 - 7.00 / 10.0
Yuki was just your average high school girl—that is, if you consider having violet eyes and not aging a day since her tenth birthday as average. The day before her university entrance ceremony, Yuki’s fa...
2008 - 6.58 / 10.0
Staffed by murderous maids and situated on a war-ravaged island, the Voynich Hotel is far from your run-of-the-mill vacation destination--but it’s not such a bad place to lie low for ex-yakuza Kazuki Taizo...
2006 - 8.48 / 10.0
For Mito, being the thrall of a vampire is the least of her worries. Mito's lived life on the streets since she graduated from middle school, dressing as a boy to stay safe. She's managed to eke out a grungy...
2018 - 6.90 / 10.0
Himari was saved by a vampire as a child. Now a high school student, she lives wanting to meet that vampire again.
2016 - 6.47 / 10.0
Tomas is a proud and fearless assassin who has never failed a commission. So what happens when he's commissioned to kill Myra, an immortal vampire?
2009 - 7.78 / 10.0
Formerly known as Vanilla Latte no Hito.
This is a strange love story about a genius who is unable to erase his memories and an average girl. Mika, an average female high-school student, falls head over heels for her beautiful violin teacher, Akiz...
2009 - 6.85 / 10.0
While attending a masquerade ball wearing a sparkling gold dress, Dani meets a man with a dangerous smile dressed like a pirate. Since divorcing her abusive husband, Dani has been distrustful of men. Drunk o...
2011 - 6.70 / 10.0
Rorik finds an exquisite beauty lying beaten and helpless in an English manor hall and can't leave her to her vicious husband -- or to be found by the advancing Viking raiders. So he carries her away to his ...
Kikuno Kei, nicknamed "Kay", is a normal university student and a part-time hitwoman. Raw Comic
2016 - 7.58 / 10.0
1-2. DOUBLE IMPACT 3. 710 Man Gaso no Aijou (Love of 7.1 megapixels) 4. M Iro no Ojousama (A masochist Signorina) 5. Bouryokuteki no Kanojo (A violence girl) 6. Kimi no Koe wo Kikasete (Let me hear your ...
2008 - 6.36 / 10.0
Vol.3 in Kemono Series Kirishima Kaoru a representative of the Fujido Groups is a cold and unapproachable beauty. Will handsome Daigou Mikihisa be able to win Kaoru's love? It also follows up the relat...
2003 - 6.65 / 10.0
A collection of ghost stories all meant to send a chill down your spine. 1) Research (HWANG Joon-Ho/YEON Je-Won) 2) Lovers (HWANG Joon-Ho) 3) The Profile (Lee Seung Chan) 4) The Maze (TGM/Linda (린다)) 5...
2011 - 6.70 / 10.0

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