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I’m looking for a manga that mains can see ghost

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4:01 pm, Nov 18 2019
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I used to read a manga that main girl can see ghosts (not girl that can see ghost) hope you guys can find it. These are somethings I can remember about this manga
A main girl can see ghost
There’s a ghost girl who had a crush on an handsome guys but he didn’t notice her. After had died, she kept on following him and stop him from growing up
A blonde girl (main’s enemy) has a dark power that can control ghost and kill the weak
These are what I remember about that manga. I’m not good at English so sorry guys 😁
Thank you

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4:23 pm, Nov 18 2019
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Sounds like Gwisin Byeolgok.

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1:20 pm, Dec 2 2019
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That’s what I’ve been finding!!! Thank you so much!!!

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