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New Poll - Bored

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6:58 am, Nov 30 2019
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This week's poll was suggested by Transdude1996. Do you believe in the sunk cost fallacy?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do/Did you play any physical sports?
Yeah, but only for class (PE, etc) - votes: 791 (23.5%)
No, but I might try soon - votes: 83 (2.5%)
No, and it doesn't interest me - votes: 844 (25.1%)
Yeah, I play(ed) for fun outside of school - votes: 1023 (30.4%)
Yeah, I play(ed) for a school team (high school, college, etc) - votes: 596 (17.7%)
Yeah, I play(ed) professionally for money - votes: 32 (0.9%)
There were 3369 total votes.
The poll ended: November 29th 2019

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7:29 am, Nov 30 2019
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I always say Take a break and return to it later but most of the time I forget and too lazy to go back when the back log is too huge mmm...

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Seinen is RIGHT

11:07 am, Nov 30 2019
Posts: 2016

Drop the series altogether in most cases but there is a reasonable chance that I would look up the ending to something, regardless of medium, if it already exists.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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Lone Wanderer

1:03 pm, Nov 30 2019
Posts: 2073

Skip to the end, skim the conclusion, and then make a decision - unless it's a whodunnit, because that's the only type of story I vehemently refuse to look up spoilers for. So if it's a whodunnit I'd likely just keep pushing on (I have a lot more patience for the mystery genre than for most others, anyway), but for any other genre the ending is the make-or-break. And if it hasn't finished serialisation yet, I'd just take a break and come back to check when it has.

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1:11 pm, Nov 30 2019
Posts: 64

Push on through,

I fucking hated Vandenreich Bleach, but I finished it anyway.

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5:26 pm, Nov 30 2019
Posts: 89

It really depends on how much I've enjoyed the series until that point.

I didn't find the second arc of Death Note interesting, but -- after taking a two-months-long break -- I decided to push on through all the way to the end because the first part had been too good to just drop it. However, I have also dropped some series altogether because they had become boring or because they were taking a direction I didn't like.

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1:49 pm, Dec 1 2019
Posts: 268

Push on through all the way to the end

Frankly I hate that I do this, but once I'm more than 10 or so chapters in to a manga I have a hard time putting it down. There are maybe two or three manga in history I've truly given up on after chapter 50. Usually I'm just stuck with it.

For example, Bleach. Went super downhill after the soul society arc but I suffered through the entire goddamn thing.

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4:00 pm, Dec 1 2019
Posts: 492

I drop the series. If it doesn’t interest me, it’s just wasting time.

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7:40 pm, Dec 1 2019
Posts: 182

Most of the time, I drop the series. My complete and unfinished ratio is 2:1. Sometimes I do finish a series (even if it is terrible) because of my completionist streak and due to investing a lot of time in it. Sunk cost fallacy may not be really practical, but I can see why some people would push through.

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12:49 pm, Dec 2 2019
Posts: 8

Skip to the end, skim the conclusion, and then make a decision, or Drop the series altogether if I really don't care anymore.

I remember I didn't care that much about Pandora Hearts anymore when the Yura Isle arc took place (or whatever that guy was called). Then someday I read somewhere it was going to end, and when the last chapter was released I read it and the 2 chapters before it. But I didn't even liked the ending, so I wasn't willing to give it another try.

It doesn't happen very often though. I'm picky, so that's why I choose carefully with what I want to read (and watch and play, for that matter).

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5:04 pm, Dec 3 2019
Posts: 22

I take a break and tell myself it's just on hold for later. Then completely forget about it. Then when I remember, I see I'm 100 chapters behind and just give up, unless it's really good.

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9:12 am, Dec 4 2019
Posts: 494

I typically just drop it. I use to try to finish everything i read but then... I decided that my time could be spent on series that i enjoy and don't bore me. I might come back to it if other people tell me thaf it picks up and gets better.

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8:47 pm, Dec 4 2019
Posts: 365

Kinda depends on how good it was before and if the series is finished or not. But in general, I'd give it a few more chapters and then drop it if it's still bad.

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12:55 am, Dec 5 2019
Posts: 98

Take a Break Most of the time the reason is more of the pacing waiting weekly/monthly rather than the series itself.

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3:14 am, Dec 5 2019
Posts: 381

Well. I usually stop reading stuff I lost interest in, and when I do my semi-regular what-manga-is-completed-on-my-lists-check I refind the stuff. If I forgot about it completely, it's immediately dropped, otherwise I check reviews and make my decision then. Or if I loved it, I'll start rereading from the start! So it's really a mix of take a break and return later, and (what applies in most cases) drop it altogether.

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